Brightswitch User's Guide


This option creates a link between your local Brightswitch and the Brightswitch web app at Using this link provides downloads of pictures from the device accessing the web app, and real time control of the lights associated with the Brightswitch.
To interact with Brightswitch directly over the web, Brightswitch must have its Wi-Fi connected to the internet and be registered at This connection provides software updates, the ability to download new Brightswitch backgrounds, and remote control of Dim and On/Off functions.
Enter the 6 digit code supplied by the Brightswitch web app at after you have created an account and added a new switch.
Touch the All-Switch Button in the upper left of the OPTIONS display until it toggles to "Web/All Switch" to control all lights on the Brightswitch remotely. Control of all lights on the Bright will then be all at once ON or OFF and remote dimming control will be disabled.  Otherwise remote control over the web will effect only the wired light connected to Brightswitch and will include dimming.
The web app at can also add background pictures to Brightswitch.  These can be selected from the device accessing the web and can be rotated, zoomed and cropped as desired. (Note: use the "Crop" button on the web to finish editing and select the image.)