Brightswitch User's Guide


This page introduces important information about Brightswitch and its electrical features.
Note that Brightswitch connects to high voltage. Do not open the case, or attempt to repair a Brightswitch and excercise care when installing it.  Always turn off the power when installing or removing Brightswitch.  Always turn OFF the mechanical switch on the base when changing bulbs.
If screen is black, unplug Face by pulling off base. WAIT ONE MINUTE. Plug Face into Base.
In a 3 or 4-Way installation if Brightswitch shows the wrong light state, switch the other switch in the circuit to sync them together.
Brightswitch is a 3-Way switch. It can be used in 4 or more way configurations but can only replace the 3-Way switches, not the 4-way.
At dim levels below 12% in a 3-Way setup, with some low power LED bulbs, Brightswitch may not correctly display the on/off status.
These steps each take progressively more aggressive action in resetting the Brightswitch.  If the display is black, please skip to step 3.
1) Select Gear, then General, then Exit.  Select "Reset the Switch"
2) Insert a pin into the Reset hole on the left side (A tool is included).  Press and release.
3) Pull Brightswitch off of the Base, removing power. WAIT ONE MINUTE. Plug Brightswitch into the Base.
4) Turn off the circuit breaker WAIT 20 SECONDS. Turn on the circuit breaker. This procedure also resets the Base.
**Note, Brightswitch contains a backup power system to keep it running when another switch is changed.  This power system needs time to clear once power is lost. This is why a delay is required when power is disconnected for more than a brief period.
Camera Cover
The camera cover provides a solid material that stops the camera from recording images. It is rotated counter-clockwise (slide up) to open the camera and clockwise (slide down) to cover the camera.
The people (PIR), temperature and light sensors work together to provide advanced functions to Brightswitch. This area of Brightswitch should not be covered with stickers, notes or be blocked from detecting the room. If Brightswitch is mounted near an HVAC duct it may return higher or lower temperatures than the average from the room.
Brightswitch is powered by the electricity in the home.  It requires a white wire and a black wire to operate.
1) If power blinks (is very briefly interrupted) Brightswitch backup power will maintain its operation. 
2) If power shuts off for a minute or more and then is restored, Brightswitch will reset and operate normally.
3) However, if power is shut of for only a number of seconds and then is restored, Brightswitch will stay off.  Please see Step 3 under Reset above to restore operation.
**Note, if a Brightswitch is in a 3-Way configuration and another switch is held halfway switched, power to Brightswitch may be interrupted.
Load Detection
Brightswitch contains sophisticated circuitry to detect the operation of other switches in 3 or 4-Way installations. It will display the state of power to the light when other switches in the circuit are changed.
**Note, in a 3 or 4-Way installation if Brightswitch shows the wrong light state, switch the other switch in the circuit to sync them together
Do not use more than one dimmer on a circuit. For example, if there is already a dimmer in a 3-Way circuit with Brightswitch, configure Brightswitch for on/off operation only.
Two Second Delay
In a 3-Way setup: After switching Brightswitch either on or off, for two seconds the other traditional switch may not correctly switch the light. This period allows for noise to settle before Brightswitch senses the condition of the light.