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Smart Dimmer

Replaces your existing switch with a self-learning dimmer–controlling up to five lights.

Bright 5″ IPS display

Clear viewing at almost any angle.

Auto-Learning Algorithms

Learns your usage patterns and automatically turns lights on when you need them.

Proximity detection/motion sensing/scheduling

Turn off your lights when you leave the room, or when no one is using it, as well as set up different brightness levels for specific times of the day/night.

Voice control

Control your switch without touching it. Built-in capability to control Brightswitch (or lights associated to that switch) or control through Amazon Echo or Google Home (3rd party hub required).



Call individual, broadcast to all, or monitor any Brightswitch in your home.


Proximity/motion detections, video recording/streaming, zone assignment, and MMS photo to phone.*

Wake up alarm, vacation and on-time timers

No more searching for that vacation timer for the lamp or trying to remember if you turned off the bathroom lights.

Android Apps

Runs virtually any phone, messaging or streaming music app using included microphone, speaker and camera.


Z-Wave/Z-wave Plus

Connect Z-Wave network though hubs like Smartthings, Wink, and Vera, or use as a controller for your other Z-Wave enabled bulbs/switches.


Easily and securely connect to your home's WiFi network to setup your switches to access other WiFi enabled devices. Audio, video and data connections fully encrypted.


Connect to popular Bluetooth devices such as speakers to stream music throughout your house.

Secure Web Control Portal

Control your Brightswitches from anywhere on the Internet, with a secure Web portal. Turn lights on/off, dim lights, change background images remotely.

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Available Winter 2017

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Includes patent-pending technology