September 16 Update

Things are looking Bright-er and Bright-er!

Hello to all our Brightswitch supporters worldwide.  Summer is winding down here in the US Pacific Northwest and we’re still going full-steam ahead getting Brightswitch ready to ship.

Here’s an update of where we are with production and development, as well as highlights of a couple key features.

Production Update

Tooling, production and testing

Brightswitch is transitioning between tooling and production now with various aspects at different stages.  Some tools are complete and others are in process.  This takes time as we have made many small adjustments to the design to refine the final product based on our own testing, as well as feedback we’ve been gathering in the market. As production progresses, we will be receiving and building a small group of Beta units to confirm that all aspects of the switch are up to the exacting standards that we are demanding of ourselves (and that you expect from the product).  We anticipate the Beta units and testing to happen next month.  We will keep you updated on this process as it happens.


Since Brightswitch is first and foremost your light switch, we understand that it must perform that job without any problem night and day for years. To that end have been working diligently to improve and test the reliability, stability and compatibility of the switch right along side the development and refinement of the more advanced features.


We recently concluded an International contest for packaging design with contributors from all over the globe.  In the near future we will be debuting the winning design. You’ll likely see some of the elements from the new packaging spilling over to our website and other marketing pieces.

Features Highlight

Highlights of more of the smart personalization features built into every Brightswitch.

Dim-Level Setting screenshotBrightswitch Display Control

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night, fumbled around trying to find the light switch, only to trip over something laying on the floor you weren’t able see in the darkness? We certainly have…but not any more.

Dim-level settings provide you with complete control of how your Brightswitch acts and reacts in your home.  You can set a different display brightness for day and night, as well as for when someone is in the room or not.  Now your screen can be totally dark at night while you sleep (no sleep-interrupting –and annoying– blue light), but wake up to a soft glow when you get up from bed, allowing you to find the switch (and better see those obstacles that might be lurking in the darkness waiting to stub your toe). When morning comes, Brightswitch can automatically change, turning up its display brightness when you are active or touch the screen, but dim to a subdued, but still visible display, when no motion is detected or the unit is resting.

Your Brightswitch also self-calibrates to your home’s lighting. Simply press a button and Brightswitch records the normal daytime light level so that it can accurately respond to your home environment.

Light Switch Alarm Timer ScreenshotLight Switch Alarm Timer

Studies have shown that simply turning on a light at full brightness in the morning can have negative effects on your health and well-being (plus it can be really annoying).  Brightswitch helps solve this problem with the Light Switch Alarm Timer. This feature allows you to set up an adjustable turn-on period — you can have the switch turn on the light quickly all at once, or slowly bring up the light level over time.

The alarm also offers individual day of week selection, workdays-only selection  (Monday through Friday) and choice of light or sound only or both together.

So no matter how you like to be woken up, Brightswitch can accommodate.

Additional News

Installation Support

We’ve designed Brightswitch to be easy to self-install and configure, with electrical connections that are the same as a traditional light switch, however we know some of you would prefer an installation professional step in for the initial electrical connections. To that end, we are currently in discussions with national installation groups that can help you wire Brightswitch into your home.  We’ll have an updated list of installation professionals on our website as we begin shipping.

Getting the word out

Perhaps you have seen the ads for Brightswitch on your Facebook newsfeed or in your Apps?  We have been doing outreach to let more people know what Brightswitch is all about.  If you see an ad pop up, please “Like” or share it with your friends to help spread the word!

Over the next few months we will be working with Amazon to introduce Brightswitch sales through Please let your friends know that Brightswitch will be available both directly from our website now and through Amazon soon.


That’s all for now, but as you can see, it’s a lot!  Thanks for your continued interest in this fantastic new technology and for helping us get to where we are today.

We’ll be in touch soon!
The Brightswitch Team


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