Easy to use, yet incredibly powerful.


Brightswitch uses simple one-touch selections to provide immediate use of lights, security, intercom, and two programs; Pandora® and Skype®. However, you may easily change the programs displayed for one-touch selection.


To provide more advanced lighting control, Brightswitch comes with a built in person sensor (PIR), timers, and a light sensor to provide automatic switching with motion in the room, time of day, or over a vacation when you are away.


Brightswitch with optional 2-switch Decora wall cover

Brightswitch with optional 2-switch Decora wall cover

Wi-Fi optionally connects Brightswitch to the Internet for remote control and streams audio and video from unit to unit, while Z-Wave allows any Brightswitch to control lights and to detect other devices such as door sensors not directly wired to the switch.


Using Bluetooth, Brightswitch can link to external speakers for full spectrum sound, or in the future will be able to track your phone or a key fob, providing a custom personalized experience as you approach a room.




Low Profile–Side view comparison Brightswitch to Nest

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The Fun Nerdy Stuff

What can we say?  We’re are into tech. We have been designing and manufacturing electronics for, well, let’s just say a long time. We love it!

Brightswitch uses an Android powered, capacitive touch display married to high voltage control electronics and is patent pending in several areas.

Included in the faceplate section are the following hardware functions:



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Brightswitch Specifications:

  • Primary Processor: Quad core 1.4 GHz A7
  • Secondary processors: 1 for sensor control and conditioning, 1 for Z-Wave and high voltage/dimmer control
  • Primary Internal Control Bus: USB utilizing a custom command and control language
  • Display: 5” (diagonally),  800 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Touch Panel: Custom capacitive multi-touch
  • Primary Memory: 400MB RAM, 1GB internal storage
  • Android version: 4.4.2 or newer
  • Wi-Fi: B, G, N, 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 backward capable
  • Sensors: Camera (with sliding cover), microphone, light sensor, speaker, PIR, room temperature
  • 600 Watt Dual FET 3-Way AC Dimmer
  • Z-Wave sub-system controller receives and transmits commands

Electrical Switch Features

  • Learning mode: Learns from your usage patterns over time and automatically turns on your lights based on your living patterns, saving you time and energy.
  • Dimmer: Use the kind of bulb you want. Selectable for incandescent, CFL, LED bulbs.
  • Wake up alarm, vacation and on-time timers: No more searching for that vacation timer for the lamp or trying to remember if you turned off the bathroom fan.
  • Proximity detection/motion sensing: Can turn off your lights when you leave the room, or when no one is using it—great for safety and saving energy.
  • Z-Wave control: On/Off and dimmer functions.
  • Temperature: F or C display.
  • Nightlight/daylight: Dims/brightens screen automatically
  • Other features: Clock/date display, room name/message display.
  • Voltage / Frequency: 110 or 240 VAC, 60 or 50Hz, 600 watts.

Security Features

  • Arm One or All: Selectable between arming one unit or all units.
  • Video: Records on alarm.  Room to room video monitor on command.
  • Video Transmit: From switch to switch. (Wi-Fi Required).
  • Proximity/motion Record: Records video of the room when alarm is set.
  • Sends Message and Image to Phone: When alarm is triggered. (Requires Gmail®* account)
  • Video Block: Camera Cover blocks/un-blocks video and images.
  • Wi-Fi Camera: Accepts Wi-Fi camera video (future option)
  • Zone Assignment
  • Sends video to phone: Future feature-coming.

Intercom Features

  • All Call: One unit calls all units, then listens.
  • Room Talk (Call): One unit talks to one unit.
  • Room Monitor: Great for listening for baby.

Skype® (or other internet communication app)

  • One-Touch Activation.
  • External Bluetooth headset or speaker.
  • Phone Follow Me: Future feature-coming.
  • Follow Me Automatic: Future Feature-Music follows automatically. Must carry Bluetooth device.

Pandora® (or other internet music app)

  • One-Touch Activation.
  • External Bluetooth  headset or speaker.
  • Follow Me: Music forwarded unit to unit.  Must select at each unit.
  • Follow Me Automatic: Music follows automatically. Must carry Bluetooth device.

Android Applications

  • Runs Standard Android Apps.
  • Open API: Future feature.

Brightswitch Inc. will develop an open API to encourage developers to create new applications for the Brightswitch product.


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Easy Installation

The Brightswitch faceplate is the tablet and the base is the part that attaches to the home wiring.  The faceplate simply plugs into the base.


If you can install a light switch, you can install a Brightswitch product–or please call your friendly electrician. Once the base is installed, plugging in the faceplate is simple and only involves low voltage.


Brightswitch products install in standard light switch wall boxes, either alone or alongside traditional switches using Brightswitch custom face plates.


IMPORTANT: Always turn off the power at the breaker before installing any electrical product, including the Brightswitch base, to avoid a hair-raising experience!


Base Installed in Wall With Two Screws (Wires go to screws-not shown for clarity)
  A hot and neutral (black and white) wire are required.

 TabletOnly_Back  WallCutaway_02


Faceplate Plugs into Pegs/Slot on Base (Screen shown active for clarity). 
We sell a custom switch covers if you are mounting beside an existing switch.

 Faceplate remains secure on wall.



Still have questions? See our FAQs

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Anticipated ship date for  Brightswitch is Q2 2017.

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