October 16 Update

The latest from Brightswitch, as the colors change for Fall

Production Progress Snapshot

  • We are pulling the parts together for our limited Beta production run using all final tooled components.  We are testing these parts now and they should be ready for this run by the end of the month.
  • After the Beta units are done, they will be installed into a small group of pre-selected locations for intense in-home testing.
  • At the same time as our internal testing, we will be sending units to the regulatory agencies for review and approval. This process will take at least two weeks and more likely 3 to 4.
  • Once approved and field tested our target is to begin full production for delivery in December this year.

In the meantime, we have and will continued to improve and enhance all aspects of Brightswitch.  Here is the new and exciting stuff!


As we mentioned in our last update, we recently concluded an international competition for the new packaging design. That design was subsequently reviewed and enhanced by our internal team.  Below is a rendering of the near-final design (there will be some changes to product images).  Hope you like it as much as we do!
Brightswitch Packaging


Auto-Learning and Vacation Timer

One of the really ingenious aspects of Brightswitch is the ability to make each unit individually smart and yet be able to share an individual unit’s “smarts” throughout your home. Two of the many places this has been achieved is in the auto-learning and vacation timer functionality.

We’ve been working hard on auto-learning.  Now Brightswitch is very smart, not only figuring out when you turn on the lights most often, but then looking for you around that same time every day. For example: If you come home from work at 6:30 PM and turn on the light, then the next night if you come home at 6:35 PM, your Bright will welcome you by turning on automatically.  However, if you come home early one day at 2 PM, Brightswitch will leave the light off: brilliant! It’s constantly learning your pattern to customize your lighting.

The built-in vacation timer functionality now has two adjustable periods when your lights will turn off and on randomly (for example: an evening mode and a morning mode).  During these periods the lights will simulate real activity within the house, turning on and staying on for a random amount of time (like in real-life) — they’ll never just switch on and then immediately turn off, nor will they stay on for the exact same amount of time each time. What’s more, when you activate Vacation mode on one Bright, all your Brights get the message, helping all Brights throughout your home get in the act. This will provide you with greater security while you are away, as the same lights won’t always turn on/off at the same time every day while you’re gone.

Global Control

Brightswitch now shares many settings across all Brights.  For example, the added “House On” and “House Off” features turn your Brights and all connected lights on or off from a single location.  This is great when you are leaving home and just are not quite sure you turned off that upstairs bedroom light!

Options and Setting Controls

Finally, we have totally reworked the options and features controls area of Brightswitch. Now instead of seeing long text-based menus, you can select from large, intuitive icons representing the various features, making using Brightswitch easier to use and more visually pleasing.

Brightswitch Icon based Menu System
That’s it for now.  We are back to work and looking forward to all the great news to share in next month’s update.  Thanks to each of you for your interest and support.  This is really going to be great!

Warm Regards,
The Brightswitch Team

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