November 16 Update

Hello and a warm welcome to this latest update for Brightswitch.  We will make this short and sweet, as we are entering the final stretch and want to give the good news.

first production BrightswitchProduction News

First off, some great news on production! We’ve received tooled plastic, metal, electronics and all components for Brightswitch and we’ve begun building the first production units.

Here is a photo of the first one, built right here in our production facility in Bend, Oregon (shown on our demonstration stand).

This Bright is showing the “All Switch” control screen. The screen provides a single display for control of other switches (Bright or Z-Wave) connected to an individual Brightswitch. The screen also provides easy, one-touch on/off control for lights house-wide.  Brightswitch can also show single switch displays if you prefer, and you can use the background picture of your choice.  Optional Android apps (like music, Internet telephone, etc.) are accessed through the 2 top icons on the right-most column of the display, while intercom and security are accessed through the lower 2 icons.

We’ll be building a small number of Brights at first, installing some in local homes for rigorous in-home testing, and submitting others to regulatory agencies. This should take about 30 days. After that, we’ll be in production, making and delivering switches to our Indiegogo supporters, for pre-order customers and for sales to the general public! We project this will happen in late December.


Feature News

While being one of the most advanced light switch/wall controllers on the market, a major goal of Brightswitch has always been to retain the ease of use of a traditional light switch.  To this end, we have engineered a special function allowing you to switch your lights on and off without even looking at your Brightswitch.  Simply swipe your finger up or down on the screen, et voila–lights on, lights off!


We’re almost there!  Thanks to everyone for your patience and support.

The Brightswitch Team

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