June 2016 update


Hello! Welcome to summer and the latest news from Brightswitch.  We have a lot to report, so let’s get started.

Amazing Voice Control Integration!

We want to share a video of an incredible integration of Brightswitch,  SmartThings hub and Amazon Echo!  In it, the user tells the Brightswitches (“Brights”) to turn on and off and dim lights by voice.   In no other product will you see the complete experience of being able to speak a command, have the command delivered and to see graphical information confirming the operation.

Make sure to turn up the sound and look at the Brightswitch displays while the commands are being given.  You will hear Alexa (Amazon Echo) say “OK” to the commands and see the Brightswitch dim buttons jumping to their new positions as the lights adjust!

3-Way Interface

Using the new Brightswitch Themes feature we integrated a new interface for 3-Way light switches.  Rather than having the dim button change, the on and off buttons animate and swap positions up and down.  The effect is really cool!

Intercom, Video, Audio, Wi-Fi

  • A new intercom interface allows you to call a room with one touch and talk immediately. Now there’s no need to wait for someone to take action on the other end.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi can now find other Brightswitches (“Brights”) in your home almost instantly.
  • Audio and video streaming has been restructured to deliver faster, more reliable connections. You’ll have crisper, clearer conversations between multiple Brightswitches or via your favorite Internet-based communication apps like Skype™.

Major breakthroughs in making Brightswitch easy and fun to use!

  • The setup screens for changing Themes, background images, etc. are now easier to access and graphical!  You’ll see your Brightswitch in a preview with the new Theme or background picture before any changes are made.
  • Brightswitch now has a new sharing system for fast, automated setup.  Each Brightswitch will automatically find the others on your Wi-Fi network and automatically share their details like names, locations, backgrounds, Z-Wave IDs and more!
  • Also, we are working towards a major breakthrough: Automatic Z-Wave setup! This is not available on any other product and will save you a lot of time setting up your Z-Wave network!


  • We concluded our initial regulatory review for high voltage and made a large number of additions to insure passage.
  • We changed the LCD to provide an enhanced viewing experience as you view your Brightswitch from different angles. The new multi-angle IPS LCD display presented a challenge integrating it into the existing design, slowing us a bit–the good news is this has been solved and we are moving forward.  We have adjusted the case for a new, more attractive aspect ratio screen, and adjusted the electronics with new drive circuitry. It was important to deliver this to you, so it was worth the minor delay.
  • Tooling is in process and we will be visiting our manufacturing partners in China in the next couple weeks to confirm everything is meeting the high standards we know you’re expecting.

We are still currently projecting starting delivery in the third quarter of this year. As we get closer to delivery time we will make sure that we get your most up-to-date information to alleviate any possible shipping delays.

It’s Going to be Amazing!

We want to thank you for sticking with us. Brightswitch is closer now than ever to delivery, with vastly improved operation, reliability, and usability.  Not only that, it’s more fun and interesting than ever!

We will be back soon with more info!

Warmest Regards,
The Brightswitch Team





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