July 2016 Update

Greetings to the Brightswitch Community and Explorers!

As we swing into July, Brightswitch is moving quickly to completion for first deliveries.  We are still on track to begin deliveries in the 3rd quarter.

One Of A Kind

The team has successfully integrated a new polling and control system.  This gives the Brightswitch network in your home incredible power!

One example is the “one of a kind” ability for a Brightswitch to setup and connect Z-Wave on other Brightswitches (Brights); without having to physically go to them!  Traditional Z-Wave setups require you to start a process at your hub or controller, then go to each switch and press a button, then return back to your hub or controller to add the new switch.  With Brightswitch and WiFi this is all automatic!

Even more, now all Brights share information automatically.  So if you change the background picture in the bedroom and you have that switch shared in the kitchen, the background representing the bedroom on the the kitchen switch instantly changes to match — making it even quicker to select the switch you want to control!

NEW–All Switch Theme

By popular demand, all units will be including a new Theme!  This one will show you all your switches on one screen, let you control them and switch them individually or together — your choice. Beside the lighting controls the new theme will have a pop-up menu for intercom, security and other Apps.  Thanks for your suggestions on this great idea!

Here’s a concept image for the new Theme.
All Switch Theme-Single screen-full

Easy Setup

We have integrated a very easy 3-step setup.

  1. Simply name your Bright,
  2. Log into WiFi (not required if you don’t use intercom, web access or automatic setup),
  3. Tell Brightswitch whether you have a dimmable or 3 way switch.

Every Bright will automatically find all the others and add them to security, intercom and Z-Wave setups.


We just returned from a very productive trip to China where some parts of Brightswitch are being sourced.

  • 360 degree view LCD: Our new LCD is better than even we had hoped.  The new screen has literally 360 degree visibility at almost all angles. This means no matter how you view your Bright you’ll have a clear view of the entire screen.


  • Electric part tooling in Asia is completed and first samples have either arrived or being shipped.
    • All additional tooling is now in process as we have finalized the details of the new case design.
    • Once first samples are assembled we will submit them for final regulatory approval.
  • “Built in USA”: We are proud to announce that Brightswitch will be built here in Bend Oregon.  Assembly, testing, QC and shipping will all happen here.  We will continue to use as much American labor as possible going forward.


We see Brightswitch as a team effort consisting of our groups all over the world, you our customers and contributors, and the press that has been so encouraging in their reviews. Now that we are in the final stretch before delivery we again want to thank all of you for your support and suggestions. It’s going to be amazing!

Thank You!
The Brightswitch Team

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