January 17 Update

As we reported in our last update Brightswitch is being tested in several homes right now.  This testing has been very fruitful and has revealed both changes we should make for better operation, and some improvements we wanted to make so that Brightswitch is a better product.

Testing Update

High-Voltage Control
We found that under some circumstances Brightswitch could be damaged under certain types of loads. As a result we changed the electrical design slightly.  Now we see Brightswitch working very reliably in a wide range of environments. For example, Brightswitch will now control ELV loads.  Electric Low Voltage (EVL) loads are often used to light up paintings or create low voltage spot lights for counters.


We also found that in larger homes, getting Z-Wave to connect between Brights located a distance apart could be a real challenge.  However, WiFi allowed us to instantly connect for Intercom and Security.  As a result we have rebuilt our basic networking features so that Brights connect first over WiFi, giving instant whole-house connections.  Any Bright can then act as a Z-Wave hub for its location, and all Z-Wave lights are shared and available at all Brights over WiFi.

What this means is that during setup if your Brights are close enough you can use Z-Wave, but if they are too far apart the switches can still use WiFi to reach each other. If you choose later to use Z-Wave and build up a network, the additional Z-Wave parts can be used to “hop” the signal between Brights.  Overall you will have a very flexible and yet powerful system that will install and begin operating immediately.

Production Update

We are now building the parts for our first major production run.  We will be traveling again to Asia for a final review of some production parts after which we’ll have them shipped to Bend, Oregon for production near the end of the quarter.  In the home stretch now!

Thanks again to all of you for your patience and support, and to those of you recently joining us, welcome!

Best Regards,

The Brightswitch Team

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