February 17 Update

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Focusing, Testing and Getting Ready

Even though it’s been a short month, we haven’t been short on getting things ready with Brightswitch.

Testing Update

3-way configuration compatibility

Being compatible with traditional 3-way wiring is a must for modern homes where up to 90% of switches are installed with a second or third switch controlling a single light source.

Our continued and expanding testing in homes shows that in some 3-way installations, Brightswitch can end up in a situation where another traditional switch on the circuit causes the Bright to loose power for a moment, causing it to reset. We are adding a feature to help protect against this.

In addition, we are enhancing the way Brightswitch works in 3-way configurations so that on/off status is accurately represented, no matter the position of the other switches.  This makes installation and use much easier and intuitive when combined with other switches (traditional or more advanced).

Z-Wave hubs and control

For many folks interested in smart home technology, the capability to not only control other Z-Wave products, but also the ability to be added to their existing or new Z-Way hubs is a major consideration.  During our in-home testing we found that different hubs such as Smartthings, Wink and Vera each require individual adjustments and tuning within the Brightswitch software to work at optimum levels.

We are tuning the ability of Brightswitch to both be included for control by these hubs, and also connect and control other Z-Wave switches or lights that are linked to these hubs.  This provides amazing power and distributed control of a smart home lighting network at each Brightswitch location and insures commands such as Brightswitch “House On” can control much more than just the devices linked directly to the Brights.

Production Update

Hardware production continues to advance here and offshore with our goal still focused on the end of the quarter.


A very exciting time as we transition from development to production. Thanks again for all of your support, suggestions and patience!

Best Regards,

The Brightswitch Team

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