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Product  availability, usage & warranty


Do I need to replace all my switches and outlets to be able to use Brightswitch in my house?
No way, you can use as many or as few as you would like.


What stops others from changing my settings or controlling my Brightswitch?
All Brightswitch products use link codes and encryption that only authorize the devices you select. Underneath it’s complicated, but Brightswitch handles all that for you automatically; and yes, you can reset to factory defaults if you move.


Will Brightswitch work in other countries?


Will I be able to use the outlets in any location?
Ultimately, you will be able to use them near wet locations. But this series will be coming out after our initial funding campaign. The first units will not carry the GFCI feature.


Does the system use power when the user is not using it?
Bellatrix Systems is an expert in ultra-low power design and have integrated that expertise into Brightswitch, so the components use virtually no power when not being used, unless you ask them to. The radio and power supplies shut off and Brightswitch can be set to go to sleep when not being used.

However, you can ask Brightswitch to stay awake and displaying at all times, or dim whenever you like. In these cases the units are using energy, but even then at levels far, far below that used by even a single light bulb. For example, a a 40 watt light bulb needs more than 40 times as much energy as Brightswitch with its display switched on full time.


What warranty applies to the products?
All Brightswitch products will carry a one-year limited warranty.


How can I order these myself and when will they be shipping?
Pre-orders are being accepted for this product now on this website!

Anticipated ship date for Brightswitch is Q1 2017.


Installation & set-up

Do I need an electrician to install Brightswitch?
Probably not. If you can install a light switch you should have no problem installing Brightswitch. Just remember to turn off the power at your circuit box before installing the base to avoid a hair-raising experience. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, any trained electrician can easily install Brightswitch for you.


How hard is it to set up Brightswitch after I wire it in?
Not hard at all. If you can program your phone’s alarm clock or use a smart phone, it’ll be a piece of cake.


Do I need to connect my Brightswitch devices to my Wi-Fi network to communicate with each other?
 Yes for video, internet music and intercom functions.


Will Brightswitch work in a 3-way configuration?
Yes! Brightswitch will work in a traditional 3-way setup. And all  Brightswitches will work with other Brightswitch or Z-Wave switches in a 3-way arrangement.


Will Brightswitch work in a 4-way configuration?
Yes! Brightswitch will work in a 4-way arrangement. In these setups there are two 3-Way switches and one 4-Way switch. Brightswitch can replace either 3-Way switch. 


Can I wire a Brightswitch directly without using the base?
No, the system is designed to work with the Brightswitch base.  All  Brightswitches come with a base.


Will my custom setup be lost if the power goes out?
No, our switches and outlet use flash memory, so while you won’t be able to use them when the electricity goes out, they will still maintain all your settings as they were when the electricity does come back.


Will the Play Store be accessible from my Brightswitch?
Yes, Play Store access is integrated into the Brightswitch Application, so you’ll be able to download Apps directly to your Brightswitch (Wi-Fi access is required to access Play Store)


3rd party development

How can I incorporate a product with the Brightswitch modular technology? Is there an SDK/API?
For now, Brightswitch will run most Android apps. In the future we will publish the open API. Please contact dev@getbrightswitch.com to discuss details further.


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