September 16 Update

Things are looking Bright-er and Bright-er! Hello to all our Brightswitch supporters worldwide.  Summer is winding down here in the US Pacific Northwest and we're still going full-steam ahead getting Brightswitch ready to ship. Here's an update … [Read more...]

August 2016 Update

Hello to All Brightswitch Followers, This is a short update to let you know we are progressing forward on tooling and production for plastic and metal parts, our manual and retail packaging.  This process normally takes about 30 days, after which … [Read more...]

July 2016 Update

Greetings to the Brightswitch Community and Explorers! As we swing into July, Brightswitch is moving quickly to completion for first deliveries.  We are still on track to begin deliveries in the 3rd quarter. One Of A Kind The team has successfully … [Read more...]

June 2016 update

  Hello! Welcome to summer and the latest news from Brightswitch.  We have a lot to report, so let’s get started. Amazing Voice Control Integration! We want to share a video of an incredible integration of Brightswitch,  SmartThings hub and … [Read more...]

Update: April 16

April showers bring May flowers...and Brightswitch closer! We are continuing to move Brightswitch towards production and delivery (scheduled for mid-2016).  At the same time we are adding some really cool new features and improvements!  Literally … [Read more...]