March 2017 Update

Welcome to Spring and Hopes for Warmer Weather! A short update this month just to let you all know things are going ahead at full speed! High volume components are manufactured and on the way from overseas and these will meet up with components … [Read more...]

February 17 Update

Focusing, Testing and Getting Ready Even though it's been a short month, we haven't been short on getting things ready with Brightswitch. Testing Update 3-way configuration compatibility Being compatible with traditional 3-way wiring is a must … [Read more...]

January 17 Update

As we reported in our last update Brightswitch is being tested in several homes right now.  This testing has been very fruitful and has revealed both changes we should make for better operation, and some improvements we wanted to make so that … [Read more...]

December 16 update

  Happy holidays to one and all! With the holidays right around the corner we know everyone is getting busier and busier, so we'll keep this short and give you the latest. Testing As noted last month, our next step was to build our first … [Read more...]

November 16 Update

Hello and a warm welcome to this latest update for Brightswitch.  We will make this short and sweet, as we are entering the final stretch and want to give the good news. Production News First off, some great news on production! We've received … [Read more...]