Brightswitch replaces your light switches with smart, wireless touch-screen displays, which connect together easily and provide intercom, security zone functions, and streaming music, as well as supporting Z-Wave and many popular home control /entertainment products such as Nest®, Sonos® music and many more.

Brightswitch Is

Personal Smart Friendly Safe
Personal Smart Friendly Safe
Compliment your home décor with a beautiful 5” touch-screen LCD, which you can personalize with pictures and themes. Learns from your usage, automatically turning on the lights when you need them–saving you time, energy and money. Set up new switches quickly and easily with just 3 steps, and then Brightswitches find and add each other automatically. Monitor your home with the built-in security system. Record or stream video and send a photo MMS to your phone.
Install and run Android apps right on the switch, making it easy to use your Internet telephone, streaming music, recipe and home control apps. Easily connect to and control up to 4 additional Brightswitches or Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus devices from a single Brightswitch. Control switches or change background pictures from anywhere on the Internet with the Brightswitch secure Web-based portal. Set the switch to turn lights on/off whenever you want–making it easy to look like you are home, even when you are not–Great for vacations or everyday security.

Customize With Themes

Use one of the included themes/pictures or personalize your switch with pictures of your own.

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Next Generation Wall Technology

Smart Dimmer

Replaces your existing switch with a self-learning dimmer–controlling up to five lights.


Call individual, broadcast to all, or monitor any Brightswitch in your home.


Proximity/motion detections, video recording/streaming, zone assignment, and MMS photo to phone.*

Android Apps

Runs virtually any phone, messaging or streaming music app using included microphone, speaker and camera.

  AlarmTimerIcon  ProximityIcon
Bright 5″, 360° view LCD display Wake up alarm, vacation and on-time timers Proximity detection/
motion sensing
Clear viewing at almost any angle. No more searching for that vacation timer for the lamp or trying to remember if you turned off the bathroom lights. Can turn off your lights when you leave the room, or when no one is using it – great for safety and saving energy.
Connectivity Night/Day mode Temperature
Compatible with:
Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Z-Wave Plus
Dims/brightens screen automatically. Shows current room temperature in display (F/C).
Auto-learning algorithms Secure Web control portal Additional Features
Learns your usage patterns and automatically turns lights on when you need them. Control your Brightswitches from anywhere on the Internet, with a secure Web portal. Clock/date display, room name/message display.

*Streaming, security, intercom and advanced switch functions require Wi-Fi, and Internet connection.

Additional product specs

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  • Save 30% or more in Lighting Cost with Brightswitch’s built in Occupancy Sensors.
  • Save 4-9% automatically with Brightswitch’s built in Light Dimming features.
  • Save 20% on Lighting Cost by dimming all types of lights.
  • Save 100% by turning off lights not in use through the built in Z-Wave control based timer, time or occupancy features.


Anticipated ship date for Brightswitch is Q2 2017.

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