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bRight Switch is a color, touch-screen wall switch that provides simple touch selections for immediate use of lights, security, intercom, and apps such as Pandora®*, Skype®* and more. The switches are both Z-Wave (controller & slave) and Wi-Fi compatible.



Next gen wall technology for homes around the world

No More Boring Faceplates

The next evolution of the light switch will look beautiful, color coordinating with the home environment.

The translucent touch buttons are an overlay on the background image of your choice. Select one of the included standard wallpapers, or import your own. In this way the colors used in your home can be matched or complimented as you wish, or a switch can be customized with a seasonal or family picture.



Smart Switch

bRight Switch can turn on and off lights at predetermined times, or when you go on vacation, but what makes it impressive is that bRight Switch learns from your routine.

bRight Switch stores all the usage data as it learns your habits and your power usage, shutting off lights when you leave and turning them on when you come home.

Control your bRight Switches from anywhere you have Internet, via your account on the bRight Switch web site. Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry phones, tablets and PC browsers are supported.

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Connected Rooms

bRight Switch replaces the light switches in your home with smart, wireless-connected switches which can be used to do everything from dim lights to control music playback, and more. 

bRight Switch- Android powered light switch used throughout the house


The Bugatti of wall technology.

bRight Switch bLue and bRight Switch sLim both use Wi-Fi to reach the Internet and for extended functions, and the Z-wave standard to talk to lights and other wireless products. Z-Wave allows any bRight Switch to control lights and other devices not directly wired to the switch or another bRight Switch.

With Bluetooth, these units can link to external speakers for full spectrum sound, or can track your phone, providing a custom personalized experience as you move from room to room.

Simple touch selections provide immediate use of lights, security, intercom, Pandora® and Skype®.

bRight Switch bLue comes with a built in person sensor (PIR) to allow for motion detection right from the unit.

sLim does not come with a PIR, but will still provide most of the functionality that the bLue offers and you can either just use it without a people sensor, or add an external commercially available Z-Wave PIR.

The bRight Switch sLim trim design comes in just a smidgen over half the thickness of the bRight Switch bLue.

Simple touch selections provide immediate use of lights, security, intercom, Pandora® and Skype®.
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NOTE: Effective June 27, 2014: The non-bluetooth model is no longer available for pre-order. Pre-orders placed to date for this model will be honored, but no additional pre-orders will be taken. If you would like to upgrade a previous pre-order to a bRight Switch bLue or bRigth Switch sLim you can do so here.

Pre-orders are being accepted for these product now!

Anticipated ship date for bRight Switch, bRight Switch bLue and bRight Switch sLim is mid-year 2015.

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